Three Language Changes to Make in 2020

In 2019, I learned to say, “no.” Everywhere I turned I saw articles, posts, and heard conversations betwixt girlfriends in coffeeshops about saying no and setting boundaries. As a teacher and a naive empath, it’s a word I needed to learn to use and love to maintain a sustainable lifestyle.

In 2020, I’m committing to healing, abundance, and devotion after a tireless year of exhausting work and relationship strife. One way I’ve set myself up to fulfill this intention is by shifting the language I use to be more open, unattached, and free from judgement.

I offer these three simple changes you can make in your daily speech patterns to shift into an abundant and grateful mindset with increased regularity. Pro-tip: try first using these in text messages before practicing in public! Seems goofy, but it will help.

  1. Replace “sorry” with “thank you.” For example, if you arrive late to an outing with friends, instead of apologizing for what you perceive to be a wrong-doing, try thanking them for their patience instead. It will help you avoid the trap of self-punishment, while also cultivating a true appreciation for their flexibility.
  2. Add “yet.”
    I’m not sure how to do that, yet.
    I’m not over them, yet.
    This isn’t easy, yet.
    Simple *yet* powerful.
  3. Remove “should” from your vocabulary. Who are we to judge the moral character of any one person, thing, or action, and why would we want to? Walking around thinking things “should” or “shouldn’t be” one way or another seriously sapped my energy over time. It’s not about the language: it’s about the idea that the world hasn’t offered itself to us in a way that is easy or pleasing. Stating things “should” be a certain way fixes us in a mindset of scarcity. For example, I won’t say that you “should take this language advice,” but I could “offer you advice that may help.” Detach from outcome, embrace abundance, and try to take the word “should” off you plate.

I’d love to hear how these little changes in daily speech patterns affect (or don’t affect) your life! Leave a comment, shoot an email, or slide into our DMs at @itsmorethanmovement.

Happy New Year!

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