Lauren Lansford leads culturally responsive K-12 classrooms, professional development for educators, and trauma-informed yoga classes in Central Texas. From time to time she puts the pen to the page and writes poetry, lifestyle essays, and young adult fiction. Her work has appeared in The Spyglass (Southwestern University), Sybil Journal, and The Mark Literary Review.

Lauren seeks integrity and wellness both on and off the mat. For her, this means leading with love and self-awareness, so we may better ourselves and the world around us. As a public school educator, her intention includes increasing equity & social justice from health-based and anti-racist perspectives. Beginning her career in a rural Title I school, she developed a keen sense of social awareness and deep compassion for community.  She believes a yogic lifestyle offers ways to care for teachers so they may better care for their students, while using culturally responsive pedagogy in the classroom to reverse unjust structures.

Her business, More Than Movement, LLC provides clients the opportunity to clear obstacles and achieve their wellness goals. She provides a variety of opportunities to best meet you or your organization’s health, wellness, and equity goals.